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Welcome dears. My name is Linda and I am a healer, a light-worker, an advocate for mental health and also an expert on narcissism and codependency. This blog has been created with a purpose to support the victims of narcissistic abuse who suffer from PTSD and C-PTSD on their recovery journey. This is the right place where the victims can make a sense on what they have experienced, where they can work on resolution of their trauma and get their pain validated. I offer my readers the knowledge on narcissism and codependency from clinical point of view and also my own experiences as I have been the victim of the narcissistic abuse in the past too.

I specialize in codependent personality disorder and cluster B type of the personality disorder (psychopathy, sociopathy, borderline, histrionics, narcissism), especially covert narcissism and covert passive aggressive emotional and psychological abuse to which is this blog dedicated. I hope you will find the answers you have been searching for by leafing through the pages of my site and I hope you will find my blog content beneficial on your healing journey. I wish you nothing just blessings and I am sending you lots of love.

When you heal trauma, you heal your emotional and psychic body. When you heal your emotional and psychic body, you heal your nervous system and immunity of your physic body. When you heal your physic body, you heal your whole self. When you heal yourself, you heal your vibrations. Once your vibration is healed, the reality changes.